Monday, April 27, 2009

Locked & Loaded

Many, many moons ago when I was a student, one of my professors gave me a project that nearly killed the class. He gave us dimensions and a due date but then told us that we could create whatever we wanted. We had become so accustomed to taking orders and solving other peoples problems that most of us (including myself) didn't have a voice of our own. I had to quickly discover what kind of things interested me. While I'm a big fan of comics, music plays a much bigger role in my life.

The piece above is from Aerosmith's "Janey's Got a Gun." I'm not completely finished with it but I wanted to lay it out in Illustrator before taking it into Photoshop. I strayed away from the sketch and now it seems to have lost some of the impact that the sketch has but it's still the same basic composition. You'll also see that I corrected the spelling of the song from the thumbnail sketch. Now I'll just make notes on what to correct and get back to it.

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