Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The Good and the Bad

"The Liberator" (phase 1)

When I was in school (way back when) I often complained about doing math homework. I didn't care about what time train A was going to pass train B. I certainly didn't care about what equaled X. My parents often approached me with "it's a means to an end and you have to get to the end" followed by "while you're complaining about it you could be doing it." It's not poetry but it is true. I can hope that, in this last quarter before the summer, students decide to press on and finish strong.

Well we're in the second half of the Spring quarter and you can see that the pressure is getting to some but not all. Every year I have the dubious task of grading projects. Many times it's easy because I have so many students that decide to slack off towards the end of the quarter. This makes it easy for me to separate the good from the bad but every so often you come across a class that is full of superstars. These superstars are those students that eat and breathe art and that's their primary focus. They may drag their carcasses into class looking like the wrong end of a bad day but the quality of the work is what defines them. No complaining about projects, lack of time, or begging for leniency. Every quarter I look forward to a superstar class.

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