Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Process Works

I can't tell people enough as to just how important process work is. Most outsiders from the art world don't get a chance to see all of the prep work that goes behind a good art. Process work is important for those artist who create representational work as well as abstract art. Many people, including artist, believe that a major part of the creative process is 50% luck. This may be true for some but what's the success rate? How many canvases or, in this case, files do you go through. How many hours have you wasted playing on dumb luck? Here's a short string of process work that I used while working on an illustration for Highlights Magazine. This piece in particular was completed traditionally with oils but i still apply the same process to digital work.

As images I enjoyed the first couple of layouts but I had to think in terms of the intent of the image and the text that would accompany the artwork. After looking through several reference photos...here's the final.

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Elizabeth Seaver said...

Good reminders, Steven. Congrats on the Highlights gig.